Local 825's Vacation Savings Benefit

Save for any reason, big or small

You can use the Vacation Savings Benefit to help save toward everything -- from year-end expenses, to a vacation, to a college education.

IUOE Local 825 Poker Run, September 2015
How it works

Your employer makes contributions to the Welfare Fund for work periods between October 1 of one year through September 30 of the following year.

These contributions are accumulated in an account in your name within the Fund and invested in a pool.  On or before the first week of December, participants receive accumulated contributions, adjusted for investment gains or losses and administrative expenses.  Note:  Vacation Savings Benefit contributions for work performed prior to September 30, which are received by the Funds Office following the annual distribution, are paid monthly.

Tax withholding

For more information

Call the Funds Office at (973) 671-6800.